What is Channel4?

Channel4 is an app that helps you discover fun and random websites on the Internet. Remember StumbleUpon? Ya we’re building that, but with web3 tech. Fun content in the front, web3 tech in the back 😉

Channel4 uses State Channel technology. Channels allow different parties to make many transactions and post the final results on the blockchain, reducing costs for users and allowing for scalability.

What can you do on Channel4?

We are currently on version 2 of our Proof of Concept (PoC2), and will be adding more features and improvements in the future.

Currently you can:

How does logging in work?

Channel4’s sign up and login process is a little different than what you might be used to. When you create an account, you will create a password and we will generate a private key (like the one you have in a crypto wallet). This key is only stored on your browser and nowhere else.

Make sure you download this local key in case you need to log in from a different browser or if you clear your cookies.

When you log in from a new browser, you may need to enter your password and paste your private key.

Who is working on Channel4?

Channel4 is built by a team from the Privacy & Scaling Explorations team from the Ethereum Foundation. Our goal is to support and showcase Ethereum applications.